Almudena Marin Cobos on a green and red background

Almudena Marín Cobos

Lecturer, Spanish and Latin American Cultures




213 Milbank Hall


Almudena Marín Cobos is a scholar of cultural studies, with a focus on Early Modern Iberian poetry, twentieth and twenty-first century Spanish cultural production, and Foreign Language Pedagogy. Almudena received her PhD at Columbia University in 2020 with a dissertation on the processes of memorialization of the Spanish transition from Franco’s dictatorship to democracy in the aftermath of the 2008 economic recession. Her current research analyzes memory as a political project and a tool to create community, within the ongoing revival of global fascist populism; she is also exploring strategies of self-representation in seventeenth century Andalusian poetry. In her teaching, she connects students to the NYC urban and linguistic landscape, and encourages students to explore their creativity as a way to hone critical-thinking skills. Almudena has been involved in higher education in the US and abroad for over a decade, working towards making the classroom an equitable and inclusive space where dissent is encouraged as a way of gaining intellectual growth.

  • PhD, Latin American and Iberian Cultures (Columbia University)
  • Teaching Development Program (Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia
  • University)
  • PhD, Hispanic Literatures (Universidad de Córdoba, Spain)
  • BA, Spanish Philology (Universidad de Córdoba, Spain)

  • Foreign Language Pedagogy, Critical Pedagogy
  • Memory Studies, Post-dictatorial Societies
  • Strategies of Self-fashioning & Socio-literary Field in Seventeenth-Century Poetry

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Marín Cobos, Almudena & Domingo, Irene. Co-editors of the Special Section “Rebirths in Times of Crisis” of Volume 24 (2020) of the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies

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