Alma Mora


Alma Mora holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Hispanic Studies from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master’s of Arts with a specialty in Spanish literature from New York University in Spain and a Master’s of Philosophy in Spanish from New York University, with a dissertation prospectus entitled “Identidad errante y espacio urbano: tres novelas de la España democrática,” which focuses on the relationship between spatial representation and aesthetic productions, as well as on mobility and tourism in contemporary Spanish literature.

She is a native Spanish speaker who has taught a wide array of Spanish language and literature courses in various institutions, such as Barnard College, Fordham, Columbia University, New York University and University of Sagrado Corazón-Puerto Rico.

Ms. Mora is a strong believer that language proficiency cannot be achieved without cultural competency and for that reason the use of cultural materials and activities in the classroom is an important component of her teaching strategies. Ms. Mora has a particular interest in new technologies in the language classroom, such as multimedia based teaching techniques that promote and develop students’ proficiency in Spanish, critical thinking and cultural knowledge.

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