Upper-Level Courses (Spanish)

All courses numbered 3000 or above (with the exception of W3300, 3349, and 3350) are upper-level courses. They may focus on the complex study of literary periods, movements, and authors, as well as other forms of cultural production (mass and folk culture, film and visual media, etc.) from Spain and Latin America. Many of these are organized around themes and problems rather than geography or chronological period. Advanced courses may also focus on issues in Spanish language or linguistics.

All upper-level courses are entirely conducted in Spanish, to further develop students' language proficiency to levels appropriate for advanced study abroad or in graduate school. To this end, enrollment is limited to a maximum of 15 students.

Unless a specific arrangement is made with the Major Advisor or instructor (a highly unusual circumstance), students should have completed W3300 and at least one of W3349 and 3350, before registering for an upper-level course.

The highest upper-level course is the Senior Seminar, which should be taken in the Fall of the senior year; in addition to exploring a topic, this seminar trains students on research methods and resources, and requires the production of a significant research paper (satisfying thesis requirements at Barnard).

All upper-level courses taken in our department or Columbia's Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures count for the Major, Major with Specialization, and Minor.