Language Courses

List of courses

Our language courses comprise Elementary Spanish I and II (UN1101-1102), Intermediate Spanish I and II (UN2101-2102), and Spanish for Heritage Speakers (UN2108).

Although, depending on previous language experience, students may place into the sequence at different stages (see placement instructions), the four courses are conceived as an integrated continuum leading students to the intermediate-high proficiency level.

The small class size (15) affords students ample opportunity for class participation, and allows instructors to pay careful attention to student performance, thus maximizing development in all four language skills—listening, reading, speaking, and writing—while building complementary skills of mediation and interaction. Spanish is the language of instruction from the earliest levels.

For students who are native or heritage speakers of Spanish, our language program has designed a course of Spanish for Heritage Speakers who score between 450 and 625 in the placement exam.  This course fulfills the Language Requirement for Class of 2019.

All of the language courses may be taken either through our department, or through Columbia's Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures.

For further information, please see Language RequirementSpanish at Barnard, and Language Study.