Bridge and Introductory Courses

Advanced Language through Content - List of courses

This sequence links the language program to the upper-level literature and culture program and the Major, and consists of three courses:

SPAN W3300 – Advanced Language through Content (specific content varies by section)
SPAN W3349 – Hispanic Cultures I (Islamic Spain through the Colonial Period)
SPAN W3350 – Hispanic Cultures II (Enlightenment through the Present)

All three courses are entirely conducted in Spanish.

In the first content-based language course, attention to topics in Spanish and Latin American studies shares protagonism with the explicit study of selected grammar points of continued difficulty for post-intermediate students. The course also emphasizes the development of critical skills for textual analysis and the establishment of a methodological foundation for literary and cultural study.

The second two courses, both transatlantic in focus, give a broad overview of literary texts and cultural artifacts in their historical context, and provide students with basic knowledge on which to draw in upper-level Major courses. While these do not include specific language instruction, attention is paid to all language skills, especially writing.

Like the language courses, the bridge and introductory levels are taught in small sections, allowing for maximum participation and instructor attention.

W3300 is taken after completion of the language requirement before W3349 and W3350, which can be taken simultaneously or in inverse order.

All bridge and introductory courses may be taken either in our department, or at Columbia's Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures.